Best Smart Watches 2023 | Why Do You Need a Smart Watch?

Best Smart Watches 2023 | Why Do You Need a Smart Watch?

Best Smart Watches 2023 | Why Do You Need a Smart Watch?

Just like smartphones, people are now fond of smartwatches. These are digital and smart watches with almost all the features of smartphones. You can access all your mobile phone apps through smartwatches. Some of them have their own sim slots and run on separate cellular networks. They can be connected to Bluetooth earphones for calling and listening. On the other hand, these are the best health and fitness trackers. Smartwatch has the features to track steps, heart rate, monitor sleep pattern, count calories, and blood oxygen level. The latest models of smartwatches can also track AFib (atrial fibrillation), which is an irregular heart rhythm that can cause a stroke.

We have told you at the start about the smartwatch. But we are going to compare some of the best smartwatches which help us track our health and fitness.

Choosing the Best SmartWatch For Health and Fitness Tracking

Smart Watch has become a routine companion of users. Especially when it comes to medical patients and health-conscious people, they get to know everything they need. Such as, they get to check their blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, calories, heart rate, and aFib. These are the best to track all these variables and timely alert for a check-up.

Some of them have fall detection, which enables the watch to detect a sudden fall during a workout or drive mode. A smartwatch once automatically called 911 after detecting that the owner has fallen off from anywhere. He was driving an electric bike at 1 am and crashed into an accident. The smartwatch detected a fall and a lower heart rate. It immediately called 911 for help and the owner was rescued. So, now we will compare some of the great brands of smartwatches with multiple functions.

Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition Health and Fitness Smart

Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition smartwatch is a great option to choose for health-conscious people and people who want to stay fit. It is an ultimate product based on tracking heart rate, time asleep, restlessness, sleep score, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, calories, and walking steps.

This smartwatch has the latest technology of built-in Amazon Alexa. So, now you can get quick news, check the weather, set an alarm, lock doors, and control your smart home system. You can also control your Spotify app and listen to your personalized playlist.

The user will get instant notifications regarding calls, messages, and other apps when the phone is near.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 44mm Smartwatch

This one is Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 US Version 40mm Black Smartwatch. This ultimate compatible smartwatch is going to help you hit your health goals like never before. It has the latest heart function tracking system which monitors the accuracy of ECG and keeps an eye on atrial fibrillation which is the irregular rhythm of the heartbeat and causes a stroke. The tracking system recognizes 6 exercises and senses rowing, running, swimming, and many more workout routines. It not only tracks the sleep cycle l but also helps you schedule your sleep routine. You can also get connected to the live workout community to get direct help from health and exercise experts. This version comes with GPS fall detection. So, if one falls, the watch will contact the emergency response center for you even if you can't press the button and there are many rescue cases that were informed by the watch.


Smart Watch with Blood Pressure and Oxygen

This smartwatch brand comes with an Android os. It has countless features other than showing time. This smartwatch will remind you to make a call or message someone. It is a great health and fitness tracker as it helps you track mood, heart rate, sleep pattern, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and steps you walk. This is a chronograph watch, which means it can measure time intervals for the specific commanded activity. It has various small seconds displays of your own choice. You can easily sync this watch from your phone to have additional features. It comes with a RAM of 128 MB. It comes with endless languages for the user's ease. You can give it 24 hours instructions. No doubt it is a great gadget that not only helps the user with traditional watch features but also helps him track his health and fitness maintenance. You can also wear it while swimming as it is absolutely waterproof. Here are the numerous features of this amazing smartwatch:

  • Band Material: Silica Gel
  • Save material: Alloy
  • App name: Da Fit
  • Band detachable: No
  • Sim card slot: No
  • Resolution: 280*320
  • Screen shape: Square
  • CPU model: 8762DK


  • Fitness tracker
  • Water resistant
  • All compatible
  • Multiple languages
  • Remote control
  • Small second display


  • No sim card slot
  • No GPS
  • No multiple dials
  • No detachable band

Touch Sport Smart Watch With Fitness Tracker & Bluetooth Calls

This smartwatch is by the "PANFU" brand. It is an amazing smartwatch fitness watch with multiple indicators and a monitor. It has the ultimate tracking features of a sleep tracker, mood tracker, heart rate tracker, blood pressure checker, and Passometer to count the steps you walk. It comes with an aesthetic and modern design with an alloy case and a lifetime waterproof body. This design is for both men and women and the style is based on modern fashionable shape. This watch is able to receive and make calls via Bluetooth. So, the owner can conveniently use it without taking the phone out of their pocket or bag. Here are the specifications of this smartwatch:


  • Multiple languages
  • Interactive Music
  • Diverse selection of dials
  • All compatible
  • Water resistant


  • No GPS
  • No sim slot

Is it dangerous to wear a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is absolutely safe to wear. It even, it helps you reach your health and fitness goals. Plus, the convenience of using it is unmatchable. You don't need to look at your phone all day to see the notifications and your health tracking. You just have to see your wrist to check your watch and that's it. Some people talk about the radiation it emits. But according to experts, smart watches emit radiations that are not significantly harmful to anyone. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has reassured that there is nothing to worry about wearing a smartwatch.


Smartwatch has now become an electronic companion of humans. It is a gadget that helps people manage their connectivity with the phone and the internet. It also helps them track their health and fitness maintenance. This watch not only tells the time, but also helps users dial and receive calls, and set the alarm and remainders. In this article, we have compared multiple smartwatches from various brands. Now it's on you to choose one.