7 Smart Home Devices That Are Worth Every Cent

7 Smart Home Devices That Are Worth Every Cent

7 Smart Home Devices That Are Worth Every Cent

I love wasting my hard-earned cash on fancy devices that are pretty much useless and offer little to no value to me... Said no one ever.

With the ever-increasing amount of smart home devices available today, some of which are expensive, it can be a bit daunting to find out which technology or devices are worthy of your time and money.

To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we came up with seven smart home devices you would never regret buying. They make life much easier and are worth every dollar and penny.


1. Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt Lock

Schlage Door Lock

The Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt is a Zigbee-certified smart lock that incorporates advanced access control to help secure your home from theft. This smart lock provides you with three flexible ways to gain access to your home.

You can unlock or lock your door using a key, a passcode, or your mobile phone. The Schlage smart lock allows you to set up to 30 access codes, which you can share with family and friends to grant them entry into your house while you're away. You also get to use voice commands via Alexa, monitor your door via Cloud Cam, and so on.


2. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled speaker that does more than just stream or play your favorite songs. It is a versatile tool that can serve in various capacity depending on your current needs. The Echo can play the role of a personal assistant or as a manager for controlling other smart devices in your home. You can use the Amazon Echo to create to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, and play audiobooks, in addition to getting weather & traffic reports with other real-time information online.


3. Sonos Sound Systems


Sonos One Smart Speaker

When it comes to having the ultimate sound system that's super intelligent, durable, and drop-dead gorgeous, Sonos is the brand you want to go for. Their speakers are renowned for churning out high-quality sounds with no distortion, which makes them perfect for both audiophiles and casual listeners.

One thing we love about the Sonos One is the fact that it lets you fill each room in your house that has a speaker with a different song. Or group them together to listen to the same song throughout the house. As far as entertainment goes, you can’t go wrong picking Sonos.


4. Peakmeter Thermostat


PeakMeter Smart Thermostat

A cheap alternative to the Nest smart thermostat. The Peakmeter smart thermostat lets you control your thermostat and set different temperatures while you're inside or away from home using just your smartphone. It uses the latest chip that's highly efficient, intelligent, and energy-saving. With two beautiful colors (black and white) to choose from and an easy-to-read display, the Peakmeter thermostat is a lovely addition to your smart home that can help you save money.


5. Yi Outdoor Smart Cameras

Yi Outdoor Camera

The Yi Outdoor camera keeps you in the know about everything happening in your surrounding by capturing high-res footage of your surroundings, which it store on the YI cloud to protect it from theft and damage. You can set this camera to send you alerts when it detects motion or unusual sounds.

It sees clearly in the dark. And comes with inbuilt microphones that allow for two-way communication with whoever is on your property or scare them away. For those of us who are on a budget and feel the YI outdoor smart camera is a little bit pricey, you can check out the Meisort Wi-Fi Camera.

The Meisort Wi-Fi Camera is more budget-friendly and can do the majority of what the Yi outdoor smart camera can do.


6. Smart Plug/Socket

Smart Outlet, smart plug

Using a smart plug is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to begin your journey into the world of smart home tech. A smart plug allows you to control any device connected to it – lamps, fans, laptops, radios, coffee makers, and so on – from your phone. Or via voice commands (for Alexa-compatible devices). You can use a smart plug in a variety of ways.

Put it in away mode to have it turn the devices connected to it on and off randomly to give the impression that you're home. You can also use it to manage your energy consumption efficiently which in turn saves you a few dollars off your energy bills.


7. Smart Bulbs

Philips Hue Smart Bulb

With a smart light, you're no longer restricted to the boring on and off, controlled by a nearby switch any longer. Now, you can change the color of your light to fit your mood or transform the atmosphere of your room to create an ambiance. You can quickly turn on your light or have it turned off with just a tap on your smartphone.