6 Ways A Smart Home Technology can Safeguard your Home

6 Ways A Smart Home Technology can Safeguard your Home

6 Ways A Smart Home Technology Can Safeguard Your Home

Are you tired of having your home broken into and your valuables stolen whenever you’re far away from home? Want to stop worrying about everything that could go wrong whenever you’re not at home?

Here are six ways you can employ the use of smart home technologies to protect your home and stop worrying.


1. Give The Impression You’re At Home Using Smart Lights

smart home with lights

A burglar is more likely to visit your house and attempt carting away with your belongings when he or she gets the impression that no one is around. Thieves look for tell-tale signs that your home is absent of people before they strike as it lowers their chances of getting caught.

A house that stays dark all through the night plus a mail carrier skipping your house is a dead giveaway that you’re not at home.

Fortunately for you, you can give the impression that you’re inside or someone is around in the house by using smart lights. Smart lights can be controlled remotely via your smartphone. And can be set up to go on and off during specific times of the day. For example, you can have them go off during the day and have them switched on during the evening into the night.


2. Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Home with Smart Cameras

Smart cameras such as Yi outdoor security cameras compared to their traditional counterpart (a.k.a dumb cameras) have more functions that are more advanced and powerful. You can program your smart camera to push a notification to your phone when it senses an unusual movement on your property.

Plus, they also allow you to monitor and view any activity within and around your house in real-time with your smartphone. A smart camera helps you eliminate the worrying and guessing game as it provides you with the ability to see things for yourself as they are happening in high-definition video.


3. Answer Your Front Door via a Smart Doorbell

answer the door smart doorbell

Smart doorbells can send motion-activated push alerts to your mobile phone to let you know when someone is at your front door. Plus, they also allow you to see who is at the door with the aid of an inbuilt camera.

And that isn’t all. Most smart doorbells allow you to communicate with your visitors, which can be quite a handy tool for giving the false impression that you’re at home to scare away burglars and vandals.


4. Restrict Access To Your Home with Smart Locks

Smart Doorlock Restrict Aceess

Smart door locks let you know if your door is opened and allows you to lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world using an app on your smartphone. For those of us who are always forgetting to lock our doors when going out, having a smart lock can help keep your property safe from opportunity theft.

Some smart locks allow you to create virtual keys with different access levels, which you can share with your friends, families, guests, babysitter or cleaning staff to allow them access to your house while you’re away.

Most smart door locks keep an activity log, which enables you to track people entering or leaving your home and the time they did so.


5. Act as a Deterrent

smart deterrent

The presence of a surveillance system on your property can help serve as a deterrent to potential thieves or potential vandals who might have a score to settle with you. An intruder or potential thief planning to gain illegal access to your home would be less inclined and possibly turn back if he or she notices that you have a security device installed in your home.


6. Monitor the Safety of Your Home from Afar

Monitor your home from afar

Okay. Of what good is the use of a smoke detector if nobody is around to hear its wails, huh? Compared to your traditional smoke detector, a smart smoke detector does not only help you detect smoke or fire but also does so in a much faster way and even notifies you by sending a notification to your phone.

By receiving phone alerts, you can get ahead of the situation and hopefully prevent your property from burning down before it’s too late.