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13 Smart Home Technologies You Need to Make Your Life Easier.

13 Smart Home Technologies You Need to Make Your Life Easier

13 Smart Home Technologies You Need to Make Your Life Easier.

Thanks to technological advancement, most of the cool stuff that seems possible only in our imaginations and Sci-Fi movies are entirely within our reach now. And an excellent example of this is the advent of smart home technologies, which allows devices to connect, talk and interact with one another.

Smart home devices have made life pretty much easy for everyone and in this post, I would be discussing a few smart home technologies that can help you live an easier life that’s fun-filled.


Home Security

1. Smart Cameras


With a smart camera such as the ALC SensorCamWyze Cam, or Reolink 2K Wireless Security Camera you can get 24/7 access to live video footage of your home and its surrounding on your mobile phone wherever you are. Whether, you are in your bedroom, kitchen, garage, at work, at the gym, or even on a shopping spree, you get to monitor whatever it’s going on in your house.

2. Smart Locks


Schlage Smart Lock

With smart locks such as August Wifi Smart Lock or the Wyze Bluetooth lock, you can easily lock and unlock your doors remotely within or outside your home with the push of an app button on your smartphone. Most smart locks allow you to create and share virtual keys for gaining temporary access to your home. Which is quite useful while you're away from home, and someone you know needs to gain access to your house.

Most smart locks also let you specify who gets access to your house and at what time of the day they get it.

3. Smart Alarm System


smart alarm system

Easily arm, disarm, or rearm your alarm security system from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. You can also set up your alarm system to send text or email alerts in real-time if it detects any activity on your property that’s quite unusual.

Compared to older dumb generations, current smart alarm systems help generate fewer false alarms and can be connected to a smart camera to provide an eye in your house.

4. Smart Video Doorbell


smart doorbell

A smart video doorbell lets you see who is at your front door without you being there. You can also communicate with the person at your front door via the built-in speaker and microphone that comes with today’s majority of smart doorbells. A smart doorbell can also be used to keep a tab on who came knocking at your door when you’re asleep or not around.

5. Smart Garage Door Controller


smart doorbell

With a smart garage door controller, you need not fumble or keep searching for your old garage door key any longer whenever you need to open your garage. A smart garage door controller lets you take control of your garage door using your smartphone. Plus, you can keep track of your garage door to know if it is opened or closed at any time of the day.


Kitchen Automation

6. Smart Refrigerator


smart refrigerator

For those of us who are always busy and tend to forget to stock up on groceries, having a smart refrigerator can help you keep track of your groceries, update your shopping lists and alert you when particular items in your refrigerator are about to finish. This way, you can focus on what really matters while a refrigerator does the counting and tracking for you.

7. Smart Slow Cooker

smart slow cooker


This appliance allows you to control and monitor your slow cooker from anywhere with your phone. You can adjust the time of your cooker, change its setting, or have it turned off with just a tap of a button. Quite useful if you ask.

8. Kitchen Thermometer


Kitchen thermometer

Easily impress your friends with your meat cooking precision skills with a smart digital thermometer, which can help you track and control the temperature at which your meat or vegetable is being cooked. The fact that you control this device remotely should mean a lot to you. I would leave you to think of the possibilities.

9. Wi-Fi Coffee Maker


Smart Kitchen Coffee Table

If you’re the kind that loves to have freshly brewed coffee every morning to kick-start your day or whenever you need to brainstorm, a smart coffee maker might just be what you need. You can program a smart coffeemaker to brew you some coffee at a particular hour every day or on-demand with a few clicks using your smartphone.


Energy Management

10. Smart Thermostats


Peakmeter Smart Thermostat, heating device

They are called “smart” for a reason. These devices do not only lets you control your thermostats within or outside your home, which is nice by the way. But also track your habits and routines using artificial intelligence (AI) to proactively manage your thermostat for you.

11. Smart Plug-ins

smart outlet, smart plugin

You plug this little gadget into a power outlet, and it allows you to turn on/off the power to any electrical device or appliance connected to it from your smartphone. This is quite handy in situations where you forget to switch off your kitchen appliances or other electrical devices in your house before going out.

A smart plug-in is a lifesaver when it comes to shaving off electrical costs you would have otherwise incurred during the times you didn’t remember to kill the lights or power to your device.

12. Smart Lighting Devices


Smart bulbs. Philip Hue

Easily turn on or off the lights in any area of your home with the push of a button on your smartphone remotely, without standing up from wherever you’re. 

13. Smart HVAC System

The newly smart HVAC systems are much better than their antecedent as they are far more intelligent and give the power to do a lot of things. You can easily control your home’s heating or air conditioning unit in your house or anywhere in the world with just your smartphone.

A smart HVAC system can also help you to save energy costs by reducing your energy use when you’re not around.

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