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An Ultimate Smart Lock Guide| Digital Smart Home Locks

An Ultimate Smart Lock Guide| Digital  Smart Home Locks

An Ultimate Smart Lock Guide| Digital  Smart Home Locks

Are you fed up with getting locked in or out? Or are you the one who double-checks the door locks? Say goodbye to your anxiety by switching to the smart lock system.

What is a smart lock system?

Have you ever misplaced the keys after you locked the door? Or your children are so little to handle the traditional door lock system and lock you out? We've got an ultimate smart lock guide for you with multiple smart lock brands like August Smart Lock, Yale Assure Lock, and Wyze Lock Bluetooth.

Unlike traditional locks, a smart lock system needs a WiFi network to get connected to the physical lock. The companion app for each smart lock offers endless security features to the users such as:

  • Lock and unlock the door
  • Remote access
  • Operating home security from anywhere on the planet
  • Keep track of who is coming
  • Assigning key lock
  • Time tracking for family members
  • In-built alarm system
  • Integration to Apple Home Kit
  • Geo-location detection

The smart lock system is not only an ordinary lock system. Also comes with a key and display lock. You can assign locks for family members, guests, regular visitors, or maintenance staff. It also helps you enable geo-location access where the door gets automatically locked after detecting a certain distance. For instance, the door will automatically get locked if you reach the parking garage or the assigned distance to the app, but surely you need to turn your location on to enable this feature.

Some locks come with built-in wifi connectors for the least interruption through other connected devices. These connectors boost the WiFi signals' strength to the locking gadget. You might want to take the physical key with you but trust us, you won't be needing that.

Some of you folks might be wondering if you need to do further modifications to the door locks and deadbolts. No, that's not the problem anymore because August Smart Lock is heaven for the least customization and modification. All you need is a screwdriver to get it attached to the deadbolt of the door.

Integrate Your Smart Lock with Apple Home Kit

As you all know, the Apple Home Kit is the most efficient tool to manage your home appliances, set the home routine, and customize the appliances as tools such as lights, temperature, sounds, and other appliances. The same is the case with door locks. You can connect the lock system. Apple Home Kit and the doors will be locked as per the set routine. For example, after 9 pm Apple Home Kit will dim the lights, turn off the sounds and TV, raise the temperature, and will "automatically lock the main door." You can also use the Siri voice command to lock your doors.

Buying Guide For Smart Lock User

The user has to ascertain the specific requirements while buying a smart lock. All the requirements such as usage, battery preference, door style, connectivity, and customized routine should be taken into account while looking for a smart lock. Some smart locks work through a WiFi connection and some have in-built Bluetooth technology only. Some come with batteries and some don't include batteries in the cost. Some of the smart locks offer you to buy additional WiFi modules for an extra cost.

Making a decision based upon the above-given variable is definitely a tough one and that’s why we are helping you out by bringing this list of Best Smart Locks For You. This list has all those smart locks that will not only fulfill, in fact, exceed your level of expectation and will ensure the safety of your home, which is much needed.

Best Smart Locks in The Market

Here are some of the best smart locks in the tech market. These allow you to lock and unlock your home with other endless features like sharing e-key with others, customizing the lock routine, setting different passwords, Bluetooth detection, automatically locking and unlocking sensors, keyless locks, fitting to the existing deadbolt, smart lock app, and connection to voice recognition technology like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Here are the best smart locks available at SMART TECH SHOPPING. We sell the products with unbeatable efficiency and we also take care of consumer rights by offering various warranties and discounts.

Wyze Smart Lock

Wyze Smart Lock is a home smart lock. It is connected through WiFi and performs all the functions through it. You can enable auto lock and unlock mode by setting specific options. Wyze can easily be accessed and controlled through Alexa and Google Assistant. The user can easily view the access history through Wyze mobile application. The user is not bound to do extra modifications because it is attached to the existing deadbolt and uses the same key you already use. It automatically detects your presence through your phone if you're at your doorstep and automatically unlocks the door but you have to choose this feature via the app. Plus, if the WiFi stops working then you won't be locked outside because it also works via Bluetooth and catches the unlocking command. It has a unique feature that also tells you about the position of the door.


  • Door position detection
  • One-touch lock
  • Time-based guest codes
  • LED backlit keys
  • Comes with a mobile app


  • No fingerprint sensor
  • Comes with a separate wireless keypad


Geek Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

Geek smart fingerprint door lock enables you to unlock your door through a single motion and only requires you to scan your fingerprint. All it takes is 0.1 seconds to unlock the door. It reads the commands given to Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can lock and unlock the door easily. Through the Geek Smart mobile app, the user can track the access history of the house. You can also share the e-key with anyone else. It can easily be installed to the deadbolt with just a screwdriver within 15 minutes. It enables you to set up 20 fingerprints, 2 for the admin users and 18 for the normal users. The lock requires 4 AAA batteries that last for 12 months. There is also a micro USB for an emergency charge. So you won't be locked outside at all.


  • Anti-peep password unlocking
  • Cost-effective
  • High-speed fingerprint sensor


  • Possibility of system error
  • The system may lag sometimes

August WiFi Smart Lock

August WiFi smart lock enables the user to control home lock systems and generate guest keys, which you can share with anyone. It automatically locks and unlocks the door after detection of the owner's presence through his phone connection. August Smart Lock is the most suitable option for renters as it requires the least modification. It only needs a screwdriver to get installed and you can install it on your existing single-cylinder deadbolt. The user gets a free user-friendly August app for Android and iOS. It can be easily connected to Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and many more to enable voice assistance. The users are frequently notified about the access record and they can keep an eye on the home from anywhere in the world. August smart lock also comes with a code entry keypad. You can set a password through this keypad and app. You can also operate August Smart Lock with your Apple watch.


  • It comes in two colors; Silver and Matte Black.
  • It requires (2) CR123 batteries.
  • August smart lock doesn't need any bridge for built-in WiFi.
  • Includes 4 AA batteries
  • Connect through WiFi
  • Mobile app monitoring


  • No fingerprint sensor


Gekrone Fingerprint Smart Lock

Gekrone fingerprint smart lock is a digital door lever. It is a door handle that comes with a touch display. It locks and unlocks the door with a fingerprint sensor. It provides a keyless entry knob for homes, hotels, offices, and indoor doors. Its power source is 4 AAA batteries and it also has an emergency USB charging port. You can use this door knob with a multifunctional App control. It comes with an additional feature of anti-peep password unlocking, which means that no one can see the password you enter as your passwords are encoded into different numbers. It has a fast fingerprint reading sensor with a speed of 0.3 seconds. The phone app indicates the battery's power and the lock itself can also indicate the low power. You can use the app to check the lock-picking records to see the fingerprints and passwords of people accessing your place. You can share the electronic password with anyone


  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Cost-effective
  • Keyless doors
  • Easy fingerprint assigning


  • No long-lasting efficiency


Smart Lock might not sound like the best thing to you. But trust us, it will bring life-changing convenience to your daily routine and will bring the ultimate feeling of security to your home. The smart lock system doesn't let you compromise the safety of your home, office, or any place you own. It lets you know who entered your place and also lets you keep track of each entry. These modern locks enable systems to automatically lock or unlock the door by detecting your presence. Investing in smart locks not only brings the mentioned ease but there are other countless technological and security features. Trust yourself to make this worthy purchase.



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