Rachio 3 Weather Intelligence Smart Sprinkler Controller for Alexa and Apple HomeKit

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Size: 8 Zone (3rd Generation)
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When sprinklers aren’t watering the lawn properly but doing it yourself takes too much time, Rachio introduces a smart sprinkler that directs water where it’s supposed to go which makes it the Best sprinkler controller 2022 has seen yet!

Fully equipped with Alexa and weather intelligence, it can detect when to stop or increase its sprinkling depending on the atmosphere which makes it the Best automatic sprinkler controller due to its diverse features which aren’t found in other sprinklers.  


  • Easy to install
  • Weather Intelligence
  • Equipped with HomeKit and connects with other smart home platforms
  • Contains Alexa and works with voice command


  • The mobile app doesn’t offer water usage reports
  • Expensive

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