MEMOBIRD G2 Thermal Photo Printer

color: Light Blue
Plug Type: EU Plug
Sale price$98.60


There are two print modes of MEMOBIRD G2 Printer: Cloud Mode and Local Mode.

  1. Cloud mode should be connected with WIFI

  2. The local mode doesn’t need an extra WIFI connection, you can use it with the WIFI of this printer, but need to set it up in cloud mode when you use it for the first time.


About Cloud Print Mode:

Step 1: Connect with the power, then the printer will show the green light.

Step 2: Open the WIFI of your mobile phone.

Step 3: Scan the QR code (at the bottom of this manual) to download the APP, then create a new account.

Step 4: Check the switch on the bottom whether has a cloud icon like

Step 5: Follow the APP prompts, double-click the keypad, and scan the QR code to bind the new equipment.

Step 6: Follow the APP prompts, and press the keypad for 6 seconds to configure WIFI.


About Local Mode:

Step 1: Turn off the bottom switch of the MEMOBIRD Printer, and make sure there is no cloud icon shown on the device.

Step 2: Follow the prompts of the paper note, then connect with the WIFI of this printer.

. Please use the original charger.

. This printer doesn’t support a 5G network and authenticate the network.

. Please don’t touch the print head and the blade of this printer with

your hands.

. Suggests you turn off the data traffic when you use Local Mode.


. Double click the key: Print diagnostic report.

. Press the key for about 6 seconds: Configure WIFI.

. Bottom switch: Convert cloud mode or local mode.


. Orange Light: Important information (Press the key to resume).

. Red Light: Overheating or out of paper.

. Blue Light: Local mode.

. Green Light (constant): Normal working state.












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