Bluetooth Smart Locator, Smart Finder

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Product: Bluetooth Smart Locator, Smart Finder

1. Make a sound and find it: Open the iFindU APP, and tap the blue "Ring" button on the application screen, it can make the tracker sound. If it's near, follow the sound and find it.

2. Lost reminding: Prevent your stuff from losing. When your tracker and your phone are out of wireless range, both of them will send alerts, and then you will be reminded.

3. Location: Show the last lost location on the map. When your item is lost, the tracker will put a pin drop on the map where it lost the connection so you know exactly where it went out of wireless range. And you know where to find it first.

4. Wide application: Attach the tracker to anything you want to find, such as keys, wallets, and bags. Then open the find APP, it will help you locate your lost stuff quickly.

5. Lightweight and compact: It is small in size, can be put anywhere, is easy to pick up and effortless, and can be carried around anywhere at any time.



The GPS Tracker is lightweight and compact, which can be attached to anything you want to find, such as keys, wallets, and bags.


Wireless version: Wireless 4.0

Effective distance: 10-50 meters

Use system: ios/Android

Standby time: 180 days

Product size: 30X30X9mm

Battery model: CR2032

Packaging: bag, box (optional)

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