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Sony X800H 43/55/65 inch TV Reviews: Budget Pick or Bust?

by krystal vaughan 16 May 2024

Sony X800H Review: A Solid Choice for Budget-Minded Viewers?

The Sony X800H is a mid-range 4K TV that offers a good balance of features and picture quality for its price. Here's a breakdown to help you decide if it's the right fit for you:


  • Great picture for a 43-inch TV: While some reviewers find the picture quality on larger models to be outshined by higher-end options, the 43-inch X800H delivers a bright, sharp image with good viewing angles.
  • Decent HDR performance: The X800H handles HDR content well for a TV in this price range, offering better contrast and depth compared to standard viewing.
  • Android TV platform: The X800H runs Android TV, which provides a user-friendly interface and access to a wide variety of streaming apps.
  • Low input lag: Gamers will appreciate the X800H's low input lag, ensuring a responsive experience.


  • Average contrast ratio: Blacks can appear grayish in dark rooms due to a mediocre contrast ratio.
  • Color accuracy: While decent, some reviewers note the X800H's color accuracy isn't the best, which might be a concern for movie buffs.
  • Limited sound quality: The built-in speakers are on par with most TVs, but for an immersive audio experience, consider pairing it with a soundbar.
  • Price: The X800H can be priced slightly higher than some competitor models with similar features.

Sony X800H Models:

There are various screen sizes available for the Sony X800H, including:

  • 43-inch: A great choice for smaller rooms or bedrooms.
  • 55-inch: The most popular size, offering a good balance of screen real estate without overwhelming smaller spaces.
  • 65-inch: Ideal for larger living rooms or home theaters where you want a more cinematic experience.

Should You Buy the Sony X800H?

The Sony X800H is a solid TV, particularly for viewers on a budget who prioritize a good picture quality for everyday viewing and casual gaming. However, if you're a cinephile seeking the most accurate colors and deepest blacks, you might want to consider higher-end models.

Here's a quick buying guide:

  • Go for the X800H if: You prioritize a good picture for casual viewing, want a user-friendly smart TV platform, and are on a budget.
  • Look elsewhere if: You demand the most accurate color reproduction and deepest blacks, or simply want the best value for money and can find similar features for a lower price.


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