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Revolutionize Your Morning Routine: The Best Smart Bathroom Gadgets of 2024

In the world of home automation, the bathroom is quickly becoming a hub for technology designed to streamline your morning routine and transform your daily grooming rituals into experiences of luxury and convenience. From smart toilets with a plethora of features aimed at enhancing comfort and hygiene to advanced grooming gadgets that make getting ready a breeze, the integration of smart technology in the bathroom is not just a trend—it's revolutionizing the way we start our day. In this detailed review, we explore some of the most innovative and useful smart bathroom technologies that promise stress-free mornings and a touch of luxury to your daily routines.

Kohler Veil: The Smart Toilet Redefining Bathroom Luxury

Imagine a toilet that anticipates your needs, enhances hygiene, and even makes a power outage less inconvenient. The Kohler Veil smart toilet is a marvel in bathroom technology, offering a hands-free opening and closing system, a feature that ends the age-old debate over the toilet seat's rightful position. Its suite of luxury features doesn't stop there; it includes a night light, heated seat, warm-air drying system, automatic deodorizer, and a self-cleaning function using UV light to maintain cleanliness. The emergency flush feature, allowing up to 100 flushes during a power outage, ensures that comfort and convenience are never compromised, making it a standout option for any smart bathroom renovation.

 U by Moen: Voice-Controlled Showers for the Ultimate Convenience

The U by Moen smart shower controller elevates the showering experience to new heights of convenience and personalization. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, this wall-mounted device allows you to start your shower with a simple voice command, adjusting the water to your preferred temperature before you even step in. This level of control and customization ensures that every shower is perfectly tailored to your preferences, making groggy mornings a little more bearable.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi: A Fusion of Light and Sound

The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi is an innovative addition to any vanity, offering customizable light settings for impeccable makeup application and a built-in speaker to enjoy music or podcasts while you get ready. Activated by facial detection, this mirror lights up automatically, providing the ideal lighting conditions for grooming tasks. With Alexa voice control support, it combines functionality with convenience, ensuring your morning routine is as seamless as possible.

Wyze Scale X: Smart Tracking for Health and Wellness

Monitoring your health has never been easier with the Wyze Scale X, an affordable smart scale that tracks 13 different health metrics. From BMI and body fat percentage to heart rate and muscle mass, this scale offers a comprehensive overview of your health, supporting up to 400 pounds. Its ability to track such a wide range of metrics makes it an indispensable tool for anyone focused on health and wellness, providing the insights needed to tailor fitness and nutrition plans to your body's specific needs.

Colgate Magik: Making Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids

Instilling good oral hygiene habits in children can be challenging, but the Colgate Magik toothbrush turns this essential daily task into an engaging game. Using augmented reality, the accompanying smartphone app makes brushing an adventure, encouraging kids to defeat Cavity Monsters and earn rewards. This innovative approach to dental care not only promotes healthy habits but also makes the routine fun, ensuring children look forward to brushing their teeth.

 CES 2024: The Future of Bathroom Wellness Tech

At CES 2024, the future of bathroom technology was on full display, showcasing gadgets that promise to enhance our health and wellness routines. The Baracoda BMind smart bathroom mirror stands out for offering mental health and wellness advice, reflecting a growing trend towards holistic health. The Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush impresses with its high-frequency vibrations and oscillating action, promising a deeper clean for better oral health. Lastly, the Kohler PureWash E930 standalone smart bidet introduces enhanced hygiene and comfort to the bathroom, highlighting the industry's focus on creating spaces that support our well-being.


The bathroom, once a space for basic hygiene, is undergoing a transformation into a sanctuary of health, wellness, and convenience thanks to smart technology. From toilets that offer a bespoke bathroom experience to showers that awaken your senses with precision-controlled temperatures, these innovations are setting new standards for comfort and convenience. As we continue to embrace these smart bathroom technologies, we not only enhance our daily routines but also invest in our health and well-being, making stress-free mornings not just a dream, but a reality.

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