Relief Expert Large Full Back and Shoulder Rotator Cuff Ice Pack Wrap with Straps, Cold Packs for Injuries Reusable Gel, Cold Compression for Entire Back and Shoulders Pain Relief - Soft Plush Lining

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Innovative Dual-fabric - Relief Expert Ice Pack for Full Back and Shoulders adopts dual-fabric. Soft plush side uses directly on skin, avoids frostbite and condensation. After use 15 min, flip over to use the nylon side that penetrates deeper coldness to injured areas.

Full Coverage for Back and Shoulders - Ergonomic Y-typed of cold packs for back pain contours to shoulders and full back snugly. Full back cold pack with 2 sticky elastic straps (16.53 in) are easy to fasten, wrap the large ice pack for entire back cross over chest, help effective pain relief for sciatica, torn rotator cuff, swelling and bruises, hands-free and portable to enjoy cold therapy anywhere.

Long-lasting Cold- Filled with 30% more refreezable gel, thick back ice pack stays cold for longer time. With the lower freezing point (-13℉) than other cold packs, our ice packs for back injuries keep soft and flexible after frozen, cover full spine and enable to full movement.

Double-seal Edge - Firm seam and double seal edge ensure the ice pack for shoulder rotator cuff and full back prevent gel leakage.

Portable to Use - When chill the ice pack for physical therapy in freezer, place the large back cold pack in the bonus bag can protect the back and shoulder cold pack wrap from stain and odor in freezer, portable to take out for outside activities.

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