HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock,Unlock with M1 Card, Code and Key,Default for Left Hand Orientation Card+Code

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Product: HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock, Unlock with M1 Card, Code, and Key.

Unlock with M1 Card, Pass Code or Mechanical Key,Voice Navigation While Operating

1020 Total Possible Users and Quickly Add or Delete User Passcode, Keyfob individually.

Max of 100 Codes, 800 Cards users. Stay Unlocked Mode Available. Keypad illumination, Standard Latch(2 3/8" 60mm and 2 3/4" 70mm adjustable)

4 AA (not included). Package Includes 2 M1 Cards, and 2 Metal Keys, This Lock Require an Extra Small Hole For Fitting Screw

CE certificate,Laser Cut keys, Hidden keyhole, Easy Right or Left Handle Switching, Extra card ASIN B01LERW8WU(Card Shape) or ASIN B071ND8T5T(Key chain shape)

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